Aims and Scope

The main purpose of this journal is to provide a research platform for researchers to share the latest research achievements and findings in the journal. Therefore, it is expected that this journal can improve the research situation related to the goals and related fields and provide appropriate solutions to solve the problems and issues ahead. To this end, this journal welcomes original research achievements that are in accordance with current rules and guidelines for publication in this journal.

The impact factor of this publication in this ISC database is = 0.853.

And its articles are available through noormags, ISC, magiran and Google Scholar databases.

Axes of activity of the magazine:

- Cognitive psychology and learning Publication and expansion of cognitive and metacognitive psychological research

- Motivation and learning

- Providing the ground for the exchange of opinions on various issues of cognitive psychology

- Increasing the knowledge and awareness of the community in the field of education

- Cognition and metacognition in the field of learning

- New techniques and methods of teaching and learning Challenging psychological theories in the field of learning

- Theoretical and philosophical foundations of teaching and learning